Wednesday, May 16, 2012

These type of cute hearts make our Mints , hrs , days r Wonderful know?




Cutie :D 1yr old ... 
i don't even knw her name ! 
incidentally met.. On the way to my friend's home ! she was crying sitting at her home ... 
was chooo chweeet to watching her ;) 
(but luvly knw
ava azhugaiya paakum pothu semmma cute... appudiye
photo edukalam nu camera eduthena .... odane alugaii ninnuduchi !!
Took out my cam to click her ! but , what a surprise seeing at my cam she started giving pose to me even forgetting her CRY :D 
After shooting, Cutie mam started calling her mom to See her self on CAM display !! 
( also she gave a cute sound + expression seeing herself on CAM display !! ) 
that was really fantastic !!! (couldn't able to click that :-/ bcoz cam was with our little mam:)) 

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